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Hot Rod Upholstery Leather Car Seat Repair

Hot Rod Upholstery Leather Car Seat Repair

Hot Rod Upholstery Leather Car Seat RepairHot Rod Upholstery Leather Car Seat RepairHot Rod Upholstery Leather Car Seat Repair

We offer top quality leather seat covers with 4 decades of experience!


About Us

Dodge Ram Original Seat Upholstery

A Craftsman's Story

Since I was 5 years old I can remember building, crafting, designing, sewing and wood working.

It all changed when I was 14 years old in shop class. Our teacher taught us to use power tools and soon after, I was in Auto Mechanics class learning how to fix  vehicles.

  In 1974 I  Landed my first job as a general mechanic at Firestone Tire at age 15. During my three years  at Firestone, I trained in all aspects of auto mechanics. Afterwards, Godfather Vans offered me a job.


   Godfather Vans was my first Auto Upholstery job. We Manufactured custom vans as well as our own line of seats. I was passionate about my work, and worked my way up to shop foreman.

32 Ford Hot Rod Interiors built by the Wolfman

At Godfather's the main mission was to build Top of the Line van interiors. These  van interiors were recognized and featured in multiple magazines. In addition to vans we built Hot Rods, which were becoming popular in the 70's

   I opened my first shop in the early 80's.Since then I have completed interiors in thousands of Street Rods and Antique vehicles.I have also worked on countless new vehicles completing repairs under warranty.

   After all this time I have never forgotten what I learned at Godfather Vans: "DO THE BEST YOU CAN DO." Another lesson was "THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT." These two sayings  are my foundation, and I strive to make the best Upholstery products on the market.

Toyota Tacoma seat covers

Our Quality Promise

We're committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers. Our shop only uses Top Quality Materials from reputable brands to ensure that our products match original factory colors fit correctly, and provide years of Durable service

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and  are 100 percent our work*


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